Welcome Summer!

It is officially summer in my country Philippines!  Sun is always up hitting 40-43 degrees celsius, everyday. Summer time in my country is the most awaited season ( well, we are a tropical country and has two seasons only, dry and wet), sometimes even during summer we would also experience rain showers, ( sometimes typhoon!) But the feelings is so revitalizing when you look at clear skies and you just wanted to seize it!

Most of us would want to hit the beaches during summer ( we have plenty of beautiful and mesmerizing beaches, yes!), the reason  is not always because we wanted to swim, or build sand castles . Some actually would just love to spend their time at the beach while listening to music, or reading a favorite novel, just pure relaxing, day dreaming or simply bay watching and waiting for the sunset.

Whatever are our reasons in going to the beach, it would still be great if we  are prepared ( minus the swimwear, <wink>, or, I’m sorry if you wanted to just read a novel but would like to be wearing bikini it’s fine ‘though, as long as you find it comfy, go on!), again we should be prepared with some beach essentials.

Personally, I go to the beach foremost, is to relax, day-dream and wait for the sunset. Swimming is actually not my first agenda. I just love it being there, lying down,  waiting for the day to end and  feeling the summer breeze.

But before going to the beach I have to prepare what to do and what to bring!

Let’s start from the list here what are the essentials I usually put inside my pouch:


  1. Sunblock. The advice is to put on sunblock lotion at least an hour before going out to expose your skin in the sun, giving the skin the time to absorb it. Apply evenly onto skin especially those areas that are directly exposed to the sun  ( arms, legs, neck, face). Re-apply after every two hours.
  2.   Face Fluid ( collagen protect). This helps prevent wrinkles from the harmful rays of the sun while being exposed to it. My skin is oily and  very often leaving  my face like a “shining-shimmering” potato that darkens easily.
  3. Face Powder Paper. Especially for my oily skin, this face essential is a must. When my face turns oily , I just dab it with this paper. The unique thing about this, once you dab it onto your face it leaves a powder-finish look that’ll make you look refresh after. No need to powder up!
  4. Compact mirror. Do I need to explain? Lol! Of course sometimes we love to glance ourselves at the mirror to check if we still look glamorous., or when it is already time to dab a powder-paper.
  5. Hydrating Facial Mist.  This is to maintain the freshness and coolness of my face while being expose outside . Our skin needs to be hydrated too to avoid being dull and dry!
  6. Hand Cream. At times we can feel that our hands are dry and needed to moisten -up! (Now you don’t need to panic when someone wanted to shake hands with you)
  7. Hand Sanitizer. Is different from hand cream. Hand sanitizer would keep our hands germs-free ( after shaking a hand, of course I’m kidding). You will need this especially if you accidentally touched an object or something you weren’t sure of!
  8. Hair ties/ Ponytails. When you realized that the wind in the beach is so persistent that your hair keeps covering your face. Jeez! I have a long hair and I would usually love to let it down, but the beach is windy!
  9.  Mint. Candies. To keep a refreshing  breath (when suddenly a cute guy pop-up!)
  10. Body Spray. Usually, we use perfume or body spray when we leave our house, obviously to smell good. So, it isn’t a bad idea at all to splash a body spray to yourself when its time to leave the beach.  Right? <wink>
  11. Lipstick. Not all lipstick can be worn under a sunny weather. So it is ideal to bring a lippie that will not dry your lips but will still make you look good while relaxing, or after sipping a juice drink ( or water!). There are lippies with SPF, better check!
  12. Medicines. Yup, and I meant medicines that I can take when I suddenly felt the need to go to a toilet, or had a slight headache; basically just emergency meds to ease a discomfort (because when symptoms persist , we rush to a doctor… of course I am being funny !)

 There could be some other essentials that were not in the list. The idea is to at least have them with you whenever you had plans of relaxing out in the sun and enjoying the summer heat.  Place them all in a small pouch and I think you are all set!

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{TIP: If you don’t have small bottled items available ( because all your essentials are in big-huge bottles, wow!), there are actually small-refillable bottles sold at Watsons or in other beauty shops. Also, do not throw away small – tin candy containers, you can use them to store useful stuff , or in my case I use them to store my jewelries and meds ( just like in one of the photo above)}

Of course I do not forget to bring my own water. I prefer plain , potable water than juice drink.  I might be just lying down, or sitting down reading a novel,   but  the heat will leave me thirsty and having my own bottled water is more convenient.

My other pouch is where I place my mini-note pad, a pen , ( because I write important notes/new-found words when I’m reading, or sometimes out of nowhere there are words, phrases that pop-up just like that, and I need to scribble them down!) and my purse w/ enough cash  ( because ATMs might not be available).  I usually place my phone  inside a clear pouch so I can just see who texted or who is calling without necessarily touching it! ( sometimes , we battle with the thoughts of whether to switch-off a phone or not, but ended up not switching it off  even if we wanted a relaxing day, but remember, it should not bother our time, either )

Lastly but the most important of all is, I do not forget to bring with me my own sunshine. Out there are many different people , so I have to be ready with my smile and relaxing mood, with a mantra that says ” this is a relaxing day, I will glide with the breeze!”

Have a fun summer!