Did you experienced that –one day, you had this sudden impulse of collecting all the things on your working desk  and group them according to colors? I had that yesterday morning.

What triggered actually was when I saw a green caterpillar devouring one of our plants in the garden (luckily it wasn’t one of my cacti !) so I just ” allowed” the poor little thing to enjoy her meal…of leaf! ( I love vegetarians!) ^.^

It was the glowing green color of the caterpillar  that hooked me. Then suddenly I began imagining the metamorphosis of this caterpillar…how come the green pigmentation will transform into different colors! Ah,  the dramatic process of “metamorphosis” yes, maybe one day I will write about it.

Inspired by the green, I thought about collecting all the greens in my room and in my working table–from the lighter hue to the darker ones, and spread them before me. It looks amazing and I was happy about it!

I was happy about discovering how colors actually affects our feelings. And I see them.

My thought exactly? You can just do things in matter of minutes without you actually planning for it. And discover how powerful your thoughts or ideas can be when you put them into action. Discovering how  colors affect  your feelings and how it made you appreciate little things in your surroundings.

You see, I did not bother the caterpillar.